Countown: 87 days! (I think)

Alright, so I still have a while to go before I actually arrive in Vienna to start my study abroad semester, but I figured I would write about what I’m doing in terms of preparation so far…

So, first things first… in a week, I’m going to the Austrian Consulate in New York to obtain my Visa! It has been ao absolute nightmare to get an appointment reservation though… I’m glad this process is almost over. First, I made an online reservation for Columbus Day (during fall break) along with my friend Haley, and everything seemed to be booked no problem. I got an e-mail confirmation and everything. A week before my reservation date, I got a call from Haley saying that a representative from the consulate e-mailed her saying that there was a “system malfunction” and the the consulate is actually closed for the holiday, so they wouldn’t be taking appointments. Lucky she told me this, because I never actually received an e-mail from them. I would have bussed all the way into New York for nothing. So a couple days later, Haley and I sat down to book our flights and book YET ANOTHER appointment for the consulate. For whatever reason, I was able to get a reservation, but Haley wasn’t. Trying to call the consulate has been absolutely useless, because they are incredibly unhelpful.

Anyways, it’s not been a great start to the semester-abroad process, but it can only get better from here right?!

But in all seriousness, I have only heard amazing things about this country, this city, and the IES program. I am so excited to see what this adventure has in store!!!! And only 87(ish?) more days to go until I find out!

Until then, auf wiedersehen! 😉


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