Orientation in Mariazell

I was only in Vienna for a few hours (in the airport, no less) before I was immediately whisked away to spend a few days in a hostel in Mariazell. 

There are about 170 of us college students in the program, and all of us are staying here. Needless to say, it’s a little hectic… but still a lot of fun. 

We have been getting an overwhelming amount of information. From housing, to SIM cards, to internships… in the past two days we have had meetings for every bit of information I need to know while living abroad. 

When not in these meetings, I am meeting new people in the program… which ultimately is the whole point of this orientation. 

Yesterday, I went on a pleasant snowy hike around the hostel:


It was the perfect weather… not too cold even though the snow was freshly falling, and no wind whatsoever. 

Today, Haley, Emilie and I were JUST short of making the bus into the city… so we decided to relax in the sauna and pool… indoor pool. Don’t worry.  

Now, we’re sitting in the common area, sipping on a Gösser (a German lemonade-beer?) and continuing to meet new people. 
We’re moving into our Vienna apartment on Saturday! 

Auf Wiedersehen,



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