The first few days…

Wien is as GORGEOUS a city as ever. I get off the UBahn to go to the IES center and it just looks like I stepped on to an old movie set.

Speaking of the UBahn…it’s easily the best public transportation system I’ve ever been on. It’s cheap, not crowded at all, and it’s so clean. Compared to the NY subway where I subconsciously lather my hands in Purell after I get off… the UBahn is paradise.

I’ve only been here a few days, and I’m already a pro at getting from the fifth district (where my apartment is), and the first district (where my classes are). It’s not too difficult to use landmarks as cues to get around here, because every corner you turn, there is another extravagant palace or opera house to admire…. at the very least, a funky cafe.
I started German classes yesterday, which is DEFINITELY necessary because my most-uttered sentence thus far has been, “sprechen sie Englisch?” to which the response for the most part has surprisingly (and thankfully) been, “of course!” What I didn’t realize before coming here was that the German vocab I would really need to learn is literally all food related. Honestly, the hardest part of being here so far has been walking into a Billa (the local small supermarket chain) and trying to figure out whether the bag of sugar was powdered or granulated.

Anyways… my apartment is gorgeous! Haley and I share a HUGE double, and we have two other suitemates we share the apartment with.
The toilet room is seperate from the rest of the bathroom, which is kind of adorable, kind of annoying.

We have been discovering new food places and cafes, which is my favorite part. Haley, Emilie and I found this delicious Italian restaurant, for example…

ALSO, I forgot to mention… I go to school in a palace. 

 This is where I “study.”

All in all, I’ve been having a great time. Just exploring, eating, drinking lots of ‘wein’ which makes for a good time. This place has already started feeling like home… and it’s only day 3! Looking forward to more adventures… I’ll keep you updated!

Auf Wiedersehen,



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