Friday: Flex Nightclub. 

We danced the night away, and met an Austrian who studied abroad in Kansas who said to us, and I quote: “I love Americans! They’re so stupid, but they’re so nice!” So that about sums up how the Europeans feel about us… 

But it was a good time. Fun vibes, great music- mostly in English which is interesting. We got home at 3 am (and said Austrian called me a grandma for going home so early).

Saturday: ice skating at City Hall

It was snowing on Saturday which made it all the more fun to go ice skating… but it was really cold. They put up this ice rink for a couple months in the winter in front of the City Hall and it’s AMAZING. So, so pretty. 

Sunday: The Albertina Musem, Käsekrainer, and (more) Schnitzel 

I wanted to see the Edvard Munch exhibit on the last day it was at the Alberina. And it was so worth it.  


There was also Picasso, and Monet and the museum is in a beautiful part of the first district in Vienna. With the most gorgeous view from the front… 

Haley and I also experienced Käsekrainer for the first time. It’s essentially a fancy, cheesy hot dog. In a baguette.  

THEN for dinner we went to this neat restaurant called Zwölf-Apostelkeller. It had traditional Viennese cuisine, musicians, and a cool atmosphere. It was almost… dungeon-y?  With pretty lights.


So, some cool stuff has been happening. In the meantime  during the week, I have been in German classes, and going to the local bar Rupp’s. My roommates and I all played Taboo in German… harder than we expected. But way more fun. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to a ball at the Hofburg Palace. Ballgown and all!


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