Living the life of a Viennese. 

It is Monday evening, and I am still recovering from an incredible (birthday!) weekend. 

On Thursday night, I went to my very first Viennese ball! And at the HOFBURG PALACE, no less! It was glamorous, I felt beautiful, and there was a lot of dancing… and very swollen feet come 2 am.  

I drank expensive champagne, and took way too many pictures with my friends. The best part was it became my 21st birthday when the clock struck midnight, so even MORE of a reason to feel like a special snowflake princess, right? 😉

The next morning, all the German classes went out for a free breakfast (again… happy birthday to ME) at the Palmenhaus.

That evening, Haley and Emilie brought me THE most amazing birthday gift in the WHOLE WORLD: 

It’s a SOLID. CHOCOLATE. SHOE. In case you were wondering. I literally have the best friends…

We went to my favorite Italian food restaurant (okay, fine it’s a chain…) for dinner. We had to go to the one in the seventh district because the entire first district was essentially blocked off because of a protest. Apparently every year, the Austrian Freedom Party (super right-wing, anti-immigration party) has a ball at the Hofburg-the same place I was at the night before for the Technical University ball-and people protest. It’s pretty cool, and honestly for the size of the protest, it’s very peaceful. If anything like that were happening in the states, I don’t know what would happen….

Anyways, later that night a bunch of us went to the Travel Shack for drinks and dancing. This bar has a lot of international tourists which is cool, and many of the bartenders are English speakers… which is kind of cheating but it makes life a lot easier when I don’t have to pretend to speak German after a couple drinks! 

Saturday, I did a bit of shopping which was nice. And on Sunday… I stayed inside. All day. Trust me, it was needed. 

In case I didn’t have ENOUGH adventures ALREADY, next week we are off to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Berlin. But let’s worry about my intensive German final before I get too excited…

Auf Wiedersehen!!!


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